Some Nigerians have reacted angrily to the incessant killings and brutality by Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, in the country after a young man was allegedly killed in Delta State.

It was reported that a team of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Nigeria Police allegedly killed a young man on Saturday. The incident occurred in front of Wetland Hotel, Ughelli in Delta State.

A video which went viral on Saturday showed how there was confusion around the Wetland Hotel in the Ughelli area where the policemen allegedly killed the victim, and escaped with his vehicle – a white Lexus Sport Utility Vehicle.

The police action sparked an outrage on the social media, with many Nigerians condemning the police action and calling for urgent reforms.

Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, Minister of Youths and Sport Development, Sunday Dare, and a global rights group, Amnesty international, were among prominent voices which condemned the recurring SARS brutality.

Atiku, wrote on Twitter, “The SARS unit of the police was set up to confront violent crimes such as armed robbery, kidnapping and other related crimes. However, the unit has today morphed into an oppressor of the Nigerian masses who strive every day for a better life.

“It is expedient that the activities of SARS are reviewed to ensure that the rogue elements are excised from the unit and sanity returned to its operations.

“I strongly condemn their cruel actions against our people, and I urge the government to rise to the occasion and nip this monstrosity in the bud with the seriousness it deserves. Reports of intimidation, harassment and outright extortion by officers of SARS have continued unabated.”

Here are some reactions gathered on Social Media

Ichie Teejay, wrote, “SARS just shot a young boy dead at Ughelli, Delta State, as we speak in front of Wetland hotels. They left him for dead on the roadside and drove away with the deceased Lexus jeep.”

@Ekene,” Until Southern Nigerian youths start treating SARS as criminals, which is what they are, they won’t stop the wanton killings, extortion & harassment. Until Southern youths imbibe the culture of street protests as a way of life, FG will never take your agitations serious.”

@Famezz,” Person go dey lock door coz of robbers and still dey fear police wey suppose dey protect us!”

@sallySuleiman,” Maybe if a politician’s child gets involved with SARS, our leaders will eventually EndSARS. The people who are supposed to protect the masses are the ones killing them while our leaders turn a blind eye. This is wickedness! How many more youths should die?”

@harrison, “ I don’t want to be dragged out of my car and embarrassed by any official after I have struggled to earn a legal living for myself. EndSARS.”

@akinjoshua,” As it stands now, if I am driving my car and I hear armed robbers are operating in the front why SARS are at my back, I will gladly drive to meet the armed robbers because I will be safe with them.”

@shank,” The same SARS meant to protect us will arrest you, drive you to one corner with others like refugees. While questioning, one of them will ask that “Which of una sabi roll igbo?” with marijuana in his hand. At that point, you know these will shoot you and leave.”

@Dehkunle, “l have said this before and I’ll say it again, police brutality won’t stop in Nigeria until everyone stops the “I don’t care” attitude, SARS will be harassing someone and hundreds of people, cars will pass and none will stop to help, we are our own problems not the government.”

@firstladyship, “ It’s been 5 freaking years since the daredevil SARS declared war on young Nigerians, especially in Southern Nigeria. Yet, Buhari has allowed the criminal police outfit to continue to extort & rob Nigerian in plain sight. Obasanjo would have sacked his police Chief already.”

@akeula,” Guys, if the federal government fails to scrap SARS, please I’m begging you not to stop applying for visas to leave this shithole county, run for your life!”

@Asiwajularry,” SARS has grown beyond protest and the government gives no sh*t about our cries. FORCE is the only response that can curb these societal menace. There should be a gun for everyone. You either kill me before I kill you.”

@adabekee,” SARS are killing people every day!. Instead of protecting they’re killing. They shot a young man dead at Ughelli, Delta state and left him to die on the roadside then drove away with his Lexus jeep. What did we do to deserve this wickedness??? Where are our leaders?”

@Opeyembablola,” SARS officers are not ghosts. They live among us & some of them are our neighbors. If they are missing one after the other miraculously, they will retrace their steps. Waiting for govt to do anything about the menace is like waiting a goat to give birth to a horse.”

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