President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo are billed to spend 3.2 billion for travels in 2021.

This is according to the 2021 budget proposal submitted to the National Assembly by the President on Thursday.

Buhari is to spend N2.426 billion on local and and international travels in 2021.

This is out of the N4. 135 billion budgeted for State House Operations under the Office of the President.
While the sum of N1. 651 billion was budgeted for his foreign travels, N775. 602 million was provisioned for local trips.

A total of N1. 079 billion was budgeted for State House Operations under the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo’s office, out of which N 801.035 million would be spent on local and international travels.

According to the budget proposal, N517.060 million was provided for the VP’s international travels, while local trips would take N283.974 million.

For foodstuffs, catering materials, refreshments and meals the offices of the President, Vice President, Chief of Staff and Chief Security Officer to the resident are asking for 582,592,638.

The operational hub of the Villa, the State House Headquarters, is seeking an allocation of 12.306 billion.

The sum of N7.728 billion is for capital expenditure out of which N5.244 billion would be utilised for the rehabilitation and repair of office buildings, and N436.264 million for the purchase of motor vehicles.

Wildlife conservation will gulp N51.465 million; fuel and lubricants N132.199 million (motor vehicle fuel cost, N67.950 million; Plant/generator fuel cost N 45.678 million); and sporting activities, N 30.187 million.

N350 billion is expected to be spent on recurrent expenditure under special intervention programmes.
Next year, the government plans to contribute N30 billion to international organisations.

Just like in previous years, N2.3 billion is budgeted for the payment of entitlements of former presidents/heads of states and vice presidents/chief of general staff.

Also in the budget, the benefits of retired heads of service, permanent secretaries and professors would gulp N4.502 billion.

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