Text of the Address by

His Excellency
Dr. Kayode Fayemi, CON
Governor, Ekiti State, Nigeria

for the


Friday, October 16, 2020


Today marks the second anniversary and the mid-term of our collective restoration expedition. The journey of faith you embarked on and trusted me to pilot for the second term on Thursday, October 16, 2018 is progressing with steady strides.

As a people and government, we have more than enough reasons to rejoice, celebrate and thank God for His grace upon our lives and the State. Though, the COVID-19 protocol will not allow us to roll out drums and celebrate with fanfare, evidence abound that we have reasons to congratulate ourselves for the suchess of our journey thus far.

When I addressed you exactly a year ago, during the first anniversary of this administration, none of us could ever have thought or imagined that the year under review will turn out like it did, where the whole World stood still with palpable fear occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although the pandemic is still with us and likely to be with us for some time to come, at least until the vaccine is widely available for use, it is our belief that the worst is over and we are all gradually returning to our normal lives.

Ekiti-kete, I must confess that I am proud of your cooperation and resilience. It could have been worse, but for our collective unity of purpose, we recorded one of the lowest mortality rates, despite being the second State to have recorded COVID-19 infection in Nigeria.

On behalf of the government, I thank our revered traditional and religious leaders, members of our party, the APC and indeed all politicians in Ekiti State, Civil Servants, Civil Society Organizations, Labour Unions, Farmers, Artisans, and Market Men and Women for the abiding support we enjoyed all through the year under review.

I thank Ekiti-kete at home and in the diaspora, especially those who rose to the occasion to play one role or the other, individually or as a group to bring succour to their neighbours and the vulnerable ones among us during the COVID-19 lockdown. My team and I appreciate and cherish all of you for your support, understanding, suggestions, constructive criticisms and above all, your prayers.

Exactly a year ago, in the course of celebrating the first anniversary of this administration, you will recall that I gave the assurance that none of the ongoing (resuscitated or inherited) or newly initiated projects will be neglected. It is gratifying to note that, despite the realities of the COVID-19 inflicted global economic meltdown, we are making progress with steady strides, impacting lives and building a legacy.

In fulfilment of the promise I made that all our projects will be completed in record time, we have successfully covered lots of ground and completed many projects. Some of these projects are being commissioned now in commemoration of our second year anniversary.

In our continued quest to create a State of our dream, we are also set to initiate and turn the sod for new projects to further strengthen our resolve to develop Ekiti State and leave it better than it was when we took over.

Ekiti is on the move, things are getting better and looking up. An account of my stewardship for the second year will be rendered today and will be broadcast to you live from the hallowed chamber of the Ekiti State House of Assembly. The occasion will be used to present my mid-term report and set the agenda for our third year in office.

As we start the journey of the third year today, I assure you all that your best interest, as usual, will remain our main focus as we make judicious use of the resources you entrusted with us. As a peoples centred government, we rely on and appreciate your feedback, which daily confirms that, indeed, Ekiti people scrutinize and value our policies, programmes and projects. Please do not stop giving your views.

Ekiti-kete, though there is relative peace and tranquillity now, I urge you all not to let your guard down. COVID-19 pandemic is still out there. We must keep maintaining the protocol until an acceptable vaccine is found for the treatment and prevention of pandemic.

Ekiti-kete, I use the occasion of this second anniversary to rededicate myself to serving your best interests at all times. You are our most treasured and greatest assets, and we are committed to treating you as such. Saving you also necessitates working with others across the country.

As we continue to work towards the actualization of the Ekiti State of our dreams, I congratulate all of us, not only for the progress we have made but also for the bond we have formed, the lives we have touched and the steady strides we are making.

Once again, I thank you for your patriotism, and the courage you have demonstrated as well as your unflinching support on our collective quest to make our dear state, Ekiti, a pride of all.

We are no doubt on the right path. We are determined to sustain this trajectory and soldier-on meticulously to implement more life changing policies, programmes and projects. We are not unmindful of the fact that a lot still need to be done and would be done.

As the journey continues, we cannot do it alone, we are still counting on your support and tolerance, while we as the government will remain steadfast in our efforts at making life better for the generality of our people.

Ekiti-kete, I assure you all that things can only get better, and will surely do. May we all witness the third anniversary celebration with more joy and fanfare.

Alale Ekiti a gbe a o.

Dr. Kayode Fayemi, CON

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