Former Nigeria President, Olusegun Obasanjo has condemned the shooting and murder of unarmed protesters and said the use of brute force has never been effective in suppressing public anger and frustration.

He asked all the parties in the #EndSARS crisis to eschew violence and embrace peace and dialogue to resolve issues.

Obasanjo gave the advice today in a statement that he personally signed.

Obasanjo asked Buhari to tread softly. “It is clear that mr. President and his lieutenants did not exhaust the opportunities for dialogue with the protesters before resorting to the use of force.

“It is worse that there is denial of wrongdoing in spite of overwhelming visual evidence. Great harm has been done buy it can be stopped before it completely spirals out of control”.

” This time demands leadership and mature leadership at such”, he wrote.

Read his full statement:

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