The All Progressives Congress, (APC) in Ekiti state has stated that its opposition,the People’s Democratic Party, (PDP) is idle and frustrated and has resorted to empty threats and incitement as its weapon even as it warned that the law is there to tame and deal with any form of unlawful acts by any person no matter how highly placed.

Reacting to threats made by the state PDP in a statement it issued on Wednesday to take laws into their hands, the ruling party in the state said PDP had already taken laws into its hand by sponsoring the latest violence in the state which resulted in the arraignment of some PDP leaders. It added that nobody is too big to be dealt with by security agents.

The party’s statement signed and released by its Public Relations Officer in Ado Ekiti on Wednesday also reminded PDP members in the state, of the woes inflicted on people of the state by the immediate past administration which led the state to a debtor status.

“With the arrest and arraignment of some hoodlums, who turned out to be PDP members by the police in connection with massive destruction and looting of warehouses in the state last week, faces of those behind the recent terror unleashed on the hapless Ekiti citizens are being unveiled by security agents.

“The APC is now calling on security agents in the state not to treat with kid glove, the threat by the PDP that its members will take the law into their hand by resorting to defend themselves against any further attacks.

“Isn’t it shameful that a party that produced an administration that couldn’t account for billions of naira meant for budget support, bailouts and other funds it received is now turning around to accuse a prudent government, that carries along the people in its day to day activities, of misappropriation?

“Let them tell Ekiti people where they hide those monies.

“Their false and un substantiated assertion that palliatives are stored in Government house is a ploy to incite the people to attack the seat of government.

“They are not happy with the serene peace being enjoyed by the people of the state and want to create confusion. Their members have been identified to be the brains behind series of lootings and burning that engulfed the state capital last week and those arrested are being prosecuted by the security agents.

“PDP members and those who are bent on causing more confusion in the state should shelve their devilish plan or else they face dire consequences as security agents are more at alert to deal with trouble makers.”

The party advised the peace loving people of the state to go about their lawful daily duties without any fear or intimidation.

The statement continues; “Ekiti people are wiser now and they cannot be incited by the enemies of the people against the youth-friendly government of Dr. Kayode Fayemi.

Ekiti State has gone beyond their theatrics and they (PDP) should start involving themselves in endeavours that would bring progress and peace to the state, instead of trying to foment trouble everyday.

They have about five factions in the state, they should try and put their party in order”.

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