The All Progressives Congress, APC, in Ekiti State has commended the people of the state for engaging their intellectual and native intelligence to prevent attempts by the People’s Democratic Party, PDP to cause confusion and añarchy hiding under the #endsars protest.

In a statement signed and released at the party Secretariat in Ado Ekiti, on Monday, by the Public Relations Officer of the APC, Hon.Ade Ajayi, noted that despite several attempts by a faction of the PDP to incite the people to attack the Government and some Government properties and infrastructures, people of the state opted to stay on the side of decency, righteousness and justice, resisting all attempts to be used to perpetrate mayhem during the protest.
Ajayi however accused the PDP dealers and looters of subversive activities. In his words; ” the PDP goons masterminded the recent looting and brigandage that attended the peaceful protest staged by the youths in Ekiti State”.

On the allegation that the state Governor and some of his Aides were hosting a killer squad in the Governor’s House, APC countered this:

“The PDP’s style of playing political games is basically factioned according to their whims and caprices, which is to loot and inflict pains on the people they govern.

” If they expect Governor Fayemi to vindictively visit upon them the same acts of repression which they committed against the citizenry while in power, they’ve missed it. There is no doubting that Lere Olayinka and his gang criminally dedicated a section of the Government House as a torture chamber during their time in power, hence they’d imagined that any Governor who comes after them would inherit and adopt the same gestapo style. Governor Fayemi is too decent and refined for that.

“Gov. Kayode Fayemi does not combat with thugs. He has none and does not believe in raising any. Rather, he combats with intellectual disposition, which he possesses in a large dose.

“Intellectual Disposition is the extent that someone enjoys learning new things, is interested in different ideas, and tends to imagine how things could be different. It is the degree to which someone is analytical, curious and imaginative.

“If you possess the latter, then you can come to the table to face JKF”..

The statement continues; “For the umpteenth time, we wish to make it abundantly clear that Ekiti is safe for law abiding citizens, though may be tough for criminals and their sponsors to operate.

“We recall that one of the PDP hoodlums called Moyinoluwa Olowoyo was recently arrested after leading the assault on the governor’s convoy, blocking some major streets in the state capital, committing rape, arson, looting and other vices.

“The laughable story of the non-existent Killer Squad was started by the duo of Lere Olayinka and the major sponsors of the recent looting spree in the state, Dayo Maxima and Ariyo Afolabi whose records of violence with the police cannot be obliterated. They made GNN Guest House at Adebayo in Ado Ekiti their base, from where they strategized on how to unleash terror on the state, as later discovered on the phone of the arrested Moyinoluwa.

“Their intention was to raze down the new Civic Centre and the Governor’s office. They actually attempted to invade the Governor’s office but were resisted by the combined forces of security agencies.

“Security agents were able to nip their plan in the bud by bursting the GNN Guest House and picking up Maxima.”

Continuing, the statement added;”The government of Dr John Kayode Fayemi and the APC appreciate the people of the state for their steadfastness and support and hereby appeal to them to remain calm and go about their lawful duties. Government has made adequate provision to protect lives and properties in the state.”

“The long arm of the law will definitely catch up with the perpetrators of crime in the state and we implore the security agencies to expedite action in prosecuting those already in their custody”. the statement concluded.

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