The Minister for Works and Housing has said that party chieftains in the All Progressives Congress (APC) must respect agreements made on the contentious issue of zoning whether written or not if the party is to stand a good chance ahead of 2023.

Fashola spoke yesterday during an interface with some political correspondents covering the ruling party (APC Press Corps) in Abuja.

He also said that the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) lacks the strength of taking over from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) come 2023.

Fashola further explained that what makes agreement special is the honour in which it was made even though zoning does not exist in the constitution.

He said: “First let’s talk about law, let’s talk about agreement, the law is the Constitution. Constitution decides the age which you can contest certain offices and there is nothing in the Constitution that says zoning. All are political parties, political parties are clubs where you write agreements just like a social club and we can decide that it is the youngest person who will be the Chairman of the Club or we can decide that it is the oldest person or the next female or the next male, that is the matter of agreement between people But the Constitution that sets up the climate of political parties formation does not prescribe zoning.

“The truth is that what makes an agreement special is the honour in which it is made not whether it is written. If it was written there would be no Court cases of breach of contract because it’s document that is written and signed that go to court. But the private agreement you make with your brother and sister can be bleached, is honour.”

On the Caretaker Committee, the Minister said: “If there is a crisis, that has now led us to have a Caretaker Committee, we must also respect the Caretaker Committee, let it do its job.

On the 2023 election, he said: “To retain power in 2023, certainly if we keep our promises, is that simple. That’s politics. If you do what you said you will do even if you don’t do 100% and they see that you are making progress, they will even want you to finish some what you started.

“Our opposition has to think better than us in order to defeat us, right now they are not doing that. When it’s election time they should come and meet us.”

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