Ghana’s National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) presidential candidate Mr. John Dramani Mahama on Tuesday expressed appreciation to the country’s electorate “for voting for change”.

Voters across the country cast their votes in the presidential and parliamentary elections on Monday.

Mahama, in another post, claimed that the party has won the majority of parliamentary seats in the elections.

He claimed that the NDC won the majority of seats in Parliament and thanked Ghanaians for voting for change.

“Thank you for voting for change and giving the NDC a working majority in the next Parliament. Thank you Ghana,” he tweeted.

His party had earlier expressed the belief that it had won 141 parliamentary seats out of the 275 constituencies in Monday’s polls.

The party’s General Secretary, Mr. Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, said at a news conference on Monday that its tally showed that Mahama was also on course to win the presidential race.

But, the New Patriotic Party’s General Secretary, Mr. John Boadu discredited the claim by the NDC.

According to him, the NPP won 137 seats out of the 275 parliamentary seats.

Boadu said: “But although we are in majority which is not very big, our presidential candidate, because of the good work he has done, has been able to gather more voters than most of our parliamentary candidates. Once again…, we are making the point that, whereas we do not wish to declare that we have won the presidential race, we can confidently say that Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has secured a clear incontestable margin ahead of his closest challenger, John Mahama.”

But, as at the time of going to the press, Akufo-Addo was leading with 5,826,549 votes (51.9%) of the votes collated against Mahama’s 5,220,563 votes (46.5%).

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