By Alhaji Dauda Lawal (ADL)

In 2021, don’t join issues with those saying Nigeria is a failed Nation. Tell them 2021 is a year of recovery, a year that God will settle all the troubles and afflictions affecting our nation, and shame all our enemies. It is a year of rewards for hard work and loyalty. Forgot all the inconsequential global treat and warnings, you will be a champion in the New Year and no disease shall inflict our land.

I was shocked when I saw my post exactly this time last year. All that I predicted for my life came to pass despite all the challenges of 2020. Now, I tagg year 2021 “A year of Pleasant Surprises,” for me and those who believe. It is a year we must all rise up to tackle poverty because it kills faster than any disease. It’s a year our Government must invest more in the youth and improve our health facilities. Things don’t just happen without working for it or planning ahead. It all translated to the fact that our nation can surpass the current threshold if we all work together irrespective of political interest or religious affiliation.

Now is the time we should all stop the blame game and work together to defeat our common enemies. Buhari is our president today because God wanted it so. Nothing happens by mere circumstances or coincidence. Great nations of the world have had their own past. All these challenges facing our nation today are surmountable if we want it so. What is required is the spirit of unity. We have both the human and material resources to make it possible. That’s what we have failed to do over the years. And like the Chinese proverb: A tree never planted 20 years ago can be better planted now.

The Boko Haram, the banditry and armed robbery of today are part of what we failed to do at one point or the other in the past. We can start to do it right in 2021. Let’s stop saying Nigeria is a monkey nation, let’s stop saying Nigeria is a failed nation. If that’s your criterion, it therefore means you are part of the problem that catapulted us into this animal republic you claimed. Or are you saying only the politicians should be blamed for our woes? What of the followeship? Or who voted the politicians into their offices? Let’s all think straight and stop the blame game in 2021. Let’s choose wisely in the years ahead. Let’s tell God to choose for us when next we are picking our leaders.

Have you noticed that our society keeps building strong individuals? Let’s for once start to build strong institutions, that is the secret of great nations of the world. We also need to revisit our constitution, we need to make it work for all irrespective of class, status, position or background. Our laws as it is today are only made for the commoners. Do you know that hardened criminals have also invaded justice in this past? Let all of these be in Nigeria of yesterday ending today the 31st of December, 2020.

Let our Legislative arms think about restructuring the country. A cap in the hands concept to Abuja every month to collect allocation will never take us anywhere. It is what the Governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode Fayemi simply referred to as a “Feeding Bottle” economy. Let us forgo the concept of National Grid in our electricity generation and distributions. Let’s also restructure our security architectures. Let’s give more power to the state and local governments. Let there be competitiveness at all arms of Government. That time we shall be able to create more job opportunities for our growing youth population and make our country a more prosperous one. Let our governments create the enabling environment for investors to thrive. That’s the only way we can attain our greatness.

Think of what’s more: Wishing you all a prosperous 2021.

That’s my message of hope to our nation. Thank you all. Keep liking our posts, another rewards cometh soon.

Alhaji Dauda Lawal (ADL) writes from Ado-Ekiti

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