After our extensive deliberations and review of the recent hike in electricity tariff, the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) resolves as follows.

  1. That NANS rejects the recent hike in the electricity tariff as we believe that the hike is insensitive, ill-timed and anti-people
  2. That the hike in the tariff coming barely two weeks after the same tariff was increased by over 100% is not only unacceptable but ridiculous.
  3. That other nations of the world are doing everything possible to ease the economic challenges occasioned by Covid19 on its citizens through various interventions and benefits. The Nigerian government must not do the opposite by making everything more difficult for its citizens during this hard time.
  4. That the over 100% hike in the tariff barely two months ago is condemnable and this new over 50% hike is totally unacceptable.
  5. That NANS will fight against any hike in electricity tariff until prepaid meters are provided for every household at no extra cost to the consumers.
  6. That NANS call on NERC to reverse this hike or face mass actions.

These resolutions will be pursued by all structures of NANS until the reversal of the hike in the price is implemented by the appropriate agency of government. In accomplishing the aforementioned resolutions, NANS will not hesitate to collaborate with other civil society organizations to ensure the hike is reversed.

We trust the government to do the right thing by ordering the reversal of this anti-people policy but rather do more in alleviating the suffering of Nigerians as a result of the global pandemic Covid19.

We, therefore, call on our members across the country to be ready to occupy if the policy is not reversed shortly.

Viva Aluta.

Comrade Sunday Asefon
Revolutionary NANS President.

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