By Karounwi Opadapo

The Court of Appeal sitting in Ado ruled against the Olujimi’s faction of Ekiti PDP and validated the Fayose’s faction of the Wards, Local Governments and State Executives as the authentic Structures of the PDP in Ekiti State in its judgment of Wednesday January 27, 2021.

Now that the courts of first and second instance have ruled in favour of the Fayose’s faction of Ekiti PDP, it is very politically expedient for the members of the Repositioning faction to take advantage of the ongoing APC membership registration/revalidation exercise to register with the APC that has the prospect of winning the next year Gubernatorial elections for a number of hard facts and verifiable reasons, than remain peripheral and fringe members of the PDP that has no prospect of taking power in 2022.

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Take it or leave it, it is a winner takes all for the victorious Fayose’s faction. The Fayose’s faction will not share Power and Positions with the Repositioning faction. Not even a Councillorship ticket will be spared to appease the Repositioning faction. Ekiti PDP of both factions know this as a bitter truth! Only the political novice who didn’t have the history and experience will believe the rhetorics of NO VICTOR, NO VANGUISHED. It is only when a political solution is deployed to solve Political problems that you may have no victor, no vanguished. The moment the courts are deployed to solve Political problems, as in this case, there is certainly THE VICTOR and THE VANGUISHED!

This advice is without prejudice to the right of the Repositioning faction to take its case to the final Court but time is of great essence in Politics. There exists a level playing field in the APC at the moment; we will all get registered and issued membership cards, bearing same date and month for those who see the political opportunity and maximize it by joining the rulling Party; those who register with the APC now will be eligible to contest or get nominated as Party candidates for any positions in 2021, 2022, and 2023 without the limitation and inhibition of having to be registered members for a period of years before entitle to those rights and privileges. That is, the waiver clause and its rigorous procedure as contained in the APC Constitution, Article 31 subsections 2 and 3 will be needless.
The APC leadership will embrace and celebrate those who take the bold steps to further their Political career in APC.
Remember, the decisions and choices you make become your destiny! Act wisely and in good time too!

A journey to the Supreme Court won’t be less than 6 months from now, if not a year. And the next Gubernatorial Primaries of Political Parties are about a year away. The Repositioning faction should be introspective and know it is too politically risky to wait till that long when it will be too late to make any impact in the 2022 Political arrangements in case the Supreme Court judgment goes against them ( I don’t pray so anyway)

I am aware this honest advice of mine will ruffle feathers and shake the table to the extent that some PDP in both factions will rain abuses on me for different reasons; the Fayoses won’t be comfortable that I want to deplete the ranks and reduce the numerical strength of PDP in Ekiti while the incurably optimistic members of the Repositioning faction that hope to get favourable judgement at the Supreme Court will be mad at me! However, all these will not change the truth from being the truth.

Conversely, I am equally aware that my advice and analysis here will get some discerning PDP thinking and resolve to be part of APC membership registration without a formal goodbye to their PDP Ward Chairmen.

I pray and hope some will hearken to my appeal and kiss Ekiti PDP goodbye.

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