Yoruba communities in America, Canada, and the United Kingdom have strongly declared their support for any form of security arrangements put to safeguard the entire Yorubaland from any attack by insurgents and other crime prone marauders in the Southwest part of the country.

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In a communique made available to media and signed by their representatives; Mr. Kamil Lamidi and Dr. Leke Otunuga, the group resolved to provide total support for Chief Igboho and to work assiduously to mobilize Yoruba communities across the diaspora in support of the cause of ensuring security in the south west.

The group have also met with Chief Sunday Adeyemo popularly known as “Sunday lgboho” to discuss the current security crisis in the South West.

“We expressed our complete and total support to him for the courageous effort he has taken to speak out for the Yoruba nation, at a time when our political leaders have betrayed their oaths of office, their people, and have been showing more support to marauding militant Fulani herdsmen and bandits in our communities,” stated the communique.

The group in the communique agreed on four specific demands from the Nigerian Government that include that the federal government and State governments in Yoruba land to drop the effort to arrest Chief Igboho, instead focus on the arrest and prosecution of those who continue to maim, rape, and kill the people of
the south west on their own land.

“That Chief lgboho is not alone; and any attempt to arrest or unjustly persecute him will only heat up the polity and lead to chaos.

“Others are the immediate cessation of open and night grazing across the South West and the enactment of federal Laws to enforce this quickly, The compensation of citizens of the South West for loss of lives, assault, disruption and destructions of their homestead, patrimonial inheritances, livelihood, and incomes that they had and are being forced to endure.”

“The statement continued with urgent call for the review of the Nigerian constitution to enshrine community
policing as a fundamental right for communities across the country.”

The group also resolved to internationalize this struggle, using every legal means to advance the safety, security and well-being of the Yoruba in the South West.

“We are calling on all sons and daughters of Oduduwa for intellectual and material supports for this struggle.

We also urge South West governors and leaders of thought in Yoruba land to team up for the greater good of our people and land.

The Yoruba have a long memory, and we say the efforts of those who stand up to be counted at a critical time like this will be remembered,” the statement added.

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