The wife of the Ekiti State Governor, Bisi Fayemi, has come to the rescue of a nursing mother, Adewale Oluwaseun Iyanu, who has been stranded at the state teaching hospital since 2020, following her inability to pay her hospital bill.

According to findings, the mother who had given birth at the state teaching hospital via Caesarean Section (CS) in November last year, was not allowed to leave the hospital premises over her failure to offset her hospital bill which had risen to over N127,940.

“During my visit to the hospital to check my wife who recently put to bed, I had my first encounter with the woman as she came to beg for money to eat. It was there that I gathered information about her predicament that she had been in the hospital since November 2020 and was not discharged because she was unable to offset her hospital bills.

I was moved to tears when I heard about her story at that point I decided within me that I must seek all help on her behalf.

From that point I started making calls and moves to seek financial support for her. Heaven smiled on her when I and my colleagues who took interest in her matter got a pass link to The First Lady Erelu Bisi Fayemi.”

A team of kind hearted lawyers came to the rescue of the nursing mother, as they made it their personal task to get Mrs Adewale Oluwaseun Iyanu, freed from the hospital.

In our quest to raise money for the mother, we engaged on social media campaigns and also frantically tried to access the Governor’s wife, who we are well aware of her philanthropic traits.

On the 9th of February 2021, I took to micro blogging platform, Twitter, to share the story of the nursing mother, my colleague, Mrs. S.C Aladejana, also took to the platform to call for aid on 10th Feb 2021.

Her tweet in particular gained over 90 retweets and caught the attention of well meaning Nigerians who came to aid of the nursing mother.

It is worthy of note that within 24 hours of the social media and physical campaigns for the rescue of the nursing mother, Mrs Adewale Oluwaseun Iyanu, was already smiling for joy.

Erelu Fayemi, the wife of the incumbent Governor of Ekiti state, has a track record of helping mothers in similar situation. She has a strong ideology that mother’s and their newborn shouldn’t be allowed to go through such terrible experience.

As word got to her notice through the help of other professional colleagues like Mr Olawale Ibitoye, Erelu Fayemi immediately sent her Personal Aide, Alhaji Dauda Lawal, (adl) to personally deliver the cash gift and other gift items to the nursing mother.

It is worthy of note that due to the social media campaign, other well meaning Nigerians which included, Aproko Doctor, had also come to the rescue of the mother.

This didn’t deter Erelu Bisi Fayemi though, as she opined that the gifts can never be in excess to the nursing mother, and she herself being a Mother of mothers understand that the young woman needs major support to be stable and to take good care of her child.

In a separate interview, the nursing mother, was all thanks to Erelu, as she prayed to God to reward her for her kindness.

I can say with a bold face that Ekiti State is indeed blessed to have not just a First Lady but a Caring Mother at the helm of affairs in the State. I have been hearing of the First Lady commitment to rescue women and children, but I witnessed same today 10th February 2021. I cannot pray for Erelu Bisi Fayemi, but I pray that Heavens will pray for her, may she go from strength to strength.

Ma, you are indeed the real deal. God bless you dear Erelu Bisi Fayemi

Barr Isaac Ayodeji Omolade

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