The global death toll from coronavirus has now surpassed three million, according to a Johns Hopkins University tracker.

Worldometer which also tracks the virus puts the death toll at 3,014,739 and cases at 140,630,831.

Global cases and deaths have been rising in recent weeks, prompting warnings from the World Health Organization.

“It is growing exponentially,” WHO technical lead Maria Van Kerkhove said of cases on a global basis.
The United States leads the grim death statistics with over 566,000.

Brazil is next with more than 368,000 deaths, followed by Mexico with over 211,000 and India with around 175,000.

Brazil has been a source of concern in recent weeks, as cases and deaths increased as a more contagious variant known as P.1 spreads.

There is also concern about India, which suffered a relapse, after months of slowing down the virus.

The world as a whole is recording about 12,000 deaths per day, despite ongoing vaccinations.

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