The Ogun State Labour Party Chapter has said it is unintelligent to support the secession of the Yoruba race from the Nigerian nation.

Abayomi Arabambi, the Chairman of the Party, said that, “Yorubas have invested far too much in Nigeria for us to support separation. It will be very unintelligent.”

He added that most of those involved in what he called the, “dangerous and volatile attempt at separation” are people with dual citizenship or those seeking asylum in choice countries.

Arabambi stated, “If you start to look at the names involved in this dangerous and very volatile attempt at separation despite its grave possible consequences, just try to match them with their antecedents and you will become very reluctant to be part of this their harebrained venture.

“We in Labour Party are aware that most of those proponents of divisiveness, separation and call for revolution either have dual citizenship or seek connections to get an asylum in choice countries with valid visa,” he said.

According to Arabambi, there is no room for pretence or denial of the current agitations for separation from most of the federating units in Nigeria, saying many are trying to moderate their call for separation with a call for what they refer to as restructuring.

He claimed that, “In the case of the call for a Yoruba Nation, it is anchored on the acceptable alternative of restructuring the federation.

“First, before trying to look into the causes of these calls for separation, we need to be concerned about certain facts, likely to be seen as political opportunism on the part of most self-appointed tribal champions of these calls. Have they been thorough in the process? Are they truly and sincerely representing the aggregate opinion of the majority?” he asked.

Going down memory lane, Arabambi explained that Yorubas have been on the seat of the Presidency of Nigeria for about 11 years under Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

He recalled that the cry for restructuring was loud from the Southwest states during Obasanjo’s times in office.

“But instead of Obasanjo to consider the possibility of working on the demand, he chose to ignore the calls. He chose by himself to give himself a testimonial of successful Presidency and started to arm-twist the National Assembly to corruptly tinker with the constitution to give him a third term tenure,” the LP boss recalled.

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