The release of the 27 students of the Federal College of Forestry Mechanization, Afaka, near Kaduna has been welcomed by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The President congratulated their friends, families and the government and people of Kaduna State.

“We are happy they have been released,” Buhari said.

Buhari expressed deep appreciation to all the actors who contributed one way or the other to the “happy outcome”

He hailed defence and security agencies, officials of the Ministry of Environment and the government of Kaduna State.

Buhari called for security awareness on the part of citizens and the law enforcement agencies and deplored the increasing politicization of security in the country by “opportunistic politicians”.

He appealed for the release of the students of the Greenfield University and all other citizens held in captivity.

The President expressed determination of his administration to ensure that Nigerians live and move freely without the fear of kidnapping and banditry.

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