Oluwasegun Aina, Ado-Ekiti

Popular Yoruba Nation agitator, Sunday Adeyemo (A.k.a Sunday Igboho), has advised citizens of Ekiti State to reason along his ideological perspective to make Oduduwa Nation a reality for the benefit of Yoruba race.

He made this assertion in the State capital, Ado-Ekiti on Saturday at Fajuyi Park while addressing a mammoth crowd who trooped to the town from the nook and cranny of the State and South-West states for the rally under the aegis of Ilana Omo Oodua.

Igboho said that no efforts would be spared to rescue the Yoruba nation from the shackles of domination and oppression of the Fulanis who have been oppressing the citizens of the South-West from time past.

He further said it is high time Yoruba nation broke away from Nigeria and actualized Oduduwa Nation Independence for the benefits of its fellow South-West compatriots, adding that the Yoruba people had lost their dignity to the Fulanis without consciousness due to the selfish interests of some of our leaders.

While calling on the citizens of South-West states to see the mission as a joint defensive course to save Yoruba from the rulership of Fulanis who have bastardized the mineral resources of the Yoruba land for their tribal interests.

“The South has oil and water and other natural resources, but Fulani are the ones enjoying them. Most of our university graduates are Okada riders; being what our politicians who tell lies recklessly have made them to be.

“Yoruba is the most educated race in Nigeria, but are these graduates getting jobs? No. Rather, our politicians would be buying motorbikes for them for Okada riding. This is wrong and would have to stop. We won’t vote in the Southwest in 2023. We need a government of our own, he added.

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