U.S. President Joe Biden and his wife Jill are scheduled to meet with Queen Elizabeth II on Sunday at Windsor Castle.

The meeting will cap the end of Biden’s first G7 summit, held on England’s southwestern coast.

Biden and Jill will visit with the queen before travelling to Brussels for meetings with NATO and European Union leaders.

Queen Elizabeth has met with every American president since Harry S. Truman, except Lyndon B. Johnson.

She last hosted Donald Trump when he visited the country on a lavish state visit, an event that stirred some debate because only a handful of American presidents have received the honour of an official state visit.

The queen and President Biden meeting on Sunday would be their second meeting after they had previously met at a reception and dinner on Friday.

The royal family made an unusually robust presence around the edges of the annual Group of 7 summit.

The royals played host to the G7 leaders at the Eden Project, an environmental and educational centre in Cornwall, England.

Sunday’s occasion will be more personal, with only Biden and his wife meeting the Queen in her home.

(Agency Report)

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