Bala Dabo, the MACBAN Acting Chairman in Nasarawa State, has said 500 cows were killed during the military operation in the Kuduku community of the Keana Local Government Area and some parts of the Doma Local Government Area.

Dabo expressed concern about the military operation.

The MACBAN leader alleged that two military aircraft that were deployed in Fulani settlements threw bombs, causing the death of the cows.

He said that there was a deliberate plan to send the Fulani into extinction following the anti-open grazing law passed by some states in the country.

Dabo stated, “The anti-grazing law in Benue State is meant to force the Fulani into extinction. We appeal to the Federal Government to rise up to the challenge and salvage our people.

“There is no justification for gunships to come to Nasarawa territory and kill cows. We are peace-loving people and not troublemakers.”

“The cows are our sources of livelihood. We are in pain at the moment and we are calling for help from Nigerians. We had just returned from grazing when the aircraft came and killed them around 6pm on Sunday.

“The cows killed were between 450 and 500. Some of them got injured. There are some of the cows that ran into the bush and up till now, we are still looking for them. About 200 cows are missing at the moment. I also got information that the herdsmen controlling the cows were also affected by the bombs thrown by the military.”

However, the Nasarawa State Government said the incident had not been confirmed. It assured that an investigation would be carried out to ascertain the actual cause of the issue and possibly find a lasting solution to it.

Dogo Shammah, the state Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism, stated these in an interview with newsmen on Tuesday in Lafia.

He said, “We heard something of that nature. We will investigate the issue to know what exactly transpired. I assure you that government will do everything possible to address the issue and restore normalcy in the affected area”

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