By Oladele Idowu Joseph

It is true Oyo State is currently going through some ‘unnatural’ security challenges, and if it is true that some unscrupulous people are hiding behind the darkness to perpetrate these violent evil acts as alleged by the government, then these unscrupulous politicians should be reminded of the story of ‘ASIYANBI’.

The story of Asiyanbi, a lead character in the legendary movie known as ‘Tí Olúwa Nílẹ̀’ by the veteran Nollywood actor, Alhaji Kareem Adepoju popularly known as Baba Wande can never be forgotten easily.

If we have to be honest with ourselves the current political upheavals bedeviling Oyo state evidently are not ordinary, it looks truthful that some unscrupulous politicos who would be happy to sell their fathers’ compounds in order to gain political power are truly behind these violence and brigandage.

I hope many people will believe this with me that all these violences here and there are politically orchestrated to discredit the good government of Governor Seyi Makinde.

Don’t let us deceive ourselves, I have many ‘supposed aggrieved’ PDP members who have gone out of their ways to join force with the opposition because they felt they have been sidelined in the government of Seyi Makinde.

There is one of them called Adigun Ibadan, who was given a chance on a sliver platter to serve in the government in reward for his paltry role during electioneering.

Adigun Ibadan was made a Special Adviser to the governor on digital media but he messed himself up, and was sacked on the suspicion that he was working for the enemies of the government, he has since become a wounded lion going up and down biting the governor from all sides, politicizing and portraying every natural or unnatural incident as a deficiency of the government.

Many of ‘Adiguns’ are everywhere in the opposition crying wolves when there’s none with the only objective of making the state ungovernable for the governor to frustrate their imaginary second term ambition of his.

The similarity between Adigun Ibadan and Asiyanbi is a reactive reflex found in people with avaricious tendency.

Who’s Asiyanbi?

Baba Wande acted in Ti Oluwa Nilẹ as Otun Asiyanbi. He was the next on the ladder of authority after the king.

Asiyanbi ate and dined with the king.

He had everything needed to be contented, but he never did.

In the one of the early scenes of the movie, Asiyanbi outsmarted his lieutenant, Oloye Osi Tafa Oloyede, when they returned from the errand the king, Oba Alapatira, sent them.

Asiyanbi, in his greedy characteristic manner, obtained money forcefully from the heads of the family the king sent them to visit in order to deliver a message.

With a bold face, Asiyanbi initially refused to give Oloye Osi his own share from the money but he was later reluctantly gave him twenty naira out of two hundred they got.

Asiyanbi was obviously greedy and that obviously led him to the quagmire he later found himself.

Two cunning friends (Sanya and JP) conspired to sell a communal land which was reserved for the gods, and to succeed in their plan they needed to lure a high chief into their strategy.

Oloye Otun Asiyanbi was contacted and during a lavish reception, he agreed to conspire with the two friends to grab the land reserved for the gods from the community.

Through the help of Asiyanbi, the two friends succeeded in their plan and won the lawsuit against the community led by the king, but unknown to anyone, the gods were silently watching while the trio were enjoying their ill-gotten wealth.

Few weeks later, the trio began to die one by one untimely.

When the two men of the trio had died then Asiyanbi became pervasively restless and that forced him to seek spiritual help. The Ifa priest revealed and predicted that Otun Asiyanbi was the next to die.

Otun Asiyanbi became more troubled having discovered he was next to die. He tried all he could do to avert the Ifa’s pronouncement, but all failed woefully. When he reached the end of the tunnel without a solution, then he was left to confess all he did in the darkness.

Otun Asiyanbi was forced to exile, hopefully to save his face from disgrace while dying.

Against all odds, Otun Asiyanbi miraculously was able to escape the death warrant hung over his head by the gods and he returned to his hometown to reclaim his chieftaincy which someone else had held.

Otun Asiyanbi was denied the quest to return to his chieftaincy and which did not go down well with him. He hence became embittered and went violent against the king by making the town ungovernable for him.

The similar scenerio is playing out now in Oyo State. The enemies of the governor are hell-bent to run the state aground through lies, propaganda and innuendoes to ridicule his government on the world stage.

If it is true that the ‘Asiyanbis’ are the ones behind the pockets of violence we are experiencing now in the state because of their grievances against the governor then I will advise them to watch or rewatch the movie to the end.

Oladele Idowu Joseph


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