Popular gospel musician, Sola Allyson, has open up on her growing up without motherly care.

The musician had taken to her verified Instagram page to celebrate her son whom she described as her investment but also noting that she was abandoned by her mother.

“Being a mother makes me wonder how mine gave up on me. How can a mother give up on her own child? How? Why? Well, it is what it is. Journeys are different”, said Allyson.

“How can you leave your child roaming through life’s roads alone without you? Well. A dúpẹ́!”.

She continued by eulogizing her son and his siblings: “ my son, my friend, my project, my investment, on whom I want God to be happy with me! The one who was used to remove the reproach of “they said” from my head.

“The one (with the others) whom I love deeply and he knows, but I’m thoroughly tough on and still is (are) “crazy” about me. They know I can do anything for them but I won’t accept anything from them. Still? Ha. Ó ga gan.

“Sometimes I thought I’d done too much out of anxiety but the way they are friends with me amazes me. The scoldings, disappointments and “heartbreaks” between us that come with growing make the friendship stronger. Of course working to get better and getting better obviously.

“My son, my friend. My child. With his siblings, they’re my teachers of life, through whom I learn a lot! May we profit on all of these things. May we not do it in vain. May God be happy with me on this, to the end.”


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