Chief Segun Oni, former Governor of Ekiti State, has picked a nomination form under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for the 2022 gubernatorial election in the state, All Nigeria Latest News reports.

Hon. Yemi Arokodare, Director-General of Oni’s Campaign Organization while speaking in Abuja immediately after the purchase of the nomination form on behalf of Segun Oni, said the people of Ekiti are waiting for Oni’s return.

He said, “We have come to pick the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) nomination form to express Segun Oni’s firm and profound interest to contest and win the party’s primaries and emerge victorious at the governorship election in 2022.

“The people of Ekiti state and party members have been anticipating this epochal moment, which officially validates the interest of Chief Segun Oni in the governorship race”.

Arokodare said the message of Ekiti people to the PDP is very loud and clear, “Segun Oni we know, Segun Oni we want, give us Segun Oni as your candidate and we will do the rest.

“We shall use our votes to deliver and usher in a PDP-led government in Ekiti state. Today, anyone can visit Ekiti state to do a survey and general assessment, the civil servants are waiting, pensioners, farmers, traders, women, and youths are all waiting.

“People living with disabilities are waiting, even the men are waiting. Everyone is waiting for the emergence of Segun Oni as the candidate of the PDP, to elect and crown him as the next governor of the state.”

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