The Nigerian Association of Road Transport Organisation (NARTO) have complained that it was yet to receive compensation for losses incurred during last year’s protest, which was hijacked by hoodlums who unleashed mayhem on the metropolis.

NARTO President Alhaji Yusuf Othman noted that the Federal Government has refused to compensate the members of the association.

He said: “There has been no compensation. Nobody listened to us. There is no development. Nobody listened to us. We did not hear anything.”

Othman said NARTO lost over N2 billion as their trucks were burnt.

He added: “We have some trucks that were burnt. Others with drivers and motor boys burnt. Specifically around Imo State, over 100 trucks were burnt with maize, and cattle. And we have taken inventory of these destructions and we have sent to government. We have not heard from them (Government). “We lost more than N2billion. Of course, we cannot quantify the amount of lives (drivers and motor boys) that were lost. Some trucks were burnt at Warri. One or three trucks were burnt around Lagos. But the major destruction was around Aba.”

The Association of Micro Entrepreneurs of Nigeria (AMEN) urged government to implement policies aimed at massive job creation, youth empowerment and engagements and poverty alleviation.

Mr Saviour Iche, its National President, Saviour Iche, said last year’s protest was expected to bring changes, transformation, new agendas and innovative ideas, in view of the way government had handled previous issues that brought about the protest.

According to him, the call for change appears not to have been fully addressed, hence, the need for government to look into the various demands of the youth for improved national outcomes.

Iche advised against any protest during #EndSARS anniversary, saying that the impacts would affect the masses more.

“There are people that if they did not go out in a day, they would not eat.

“The high cost of living will lead many people to suffering and the economy will be totally grounded.”


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