Faruq Osilalu, a Nigerian based in the United States has been pronounced dead weeks after he was last found.

The 22-year-old Baltimore County man went missing in late September. His wife Alayna Singleton officially reported to the police on the 27th.

Two days later, the authorities found Osilalu’s car, a 2013 Toyota Avalon, on North Avenue in Baltimore.

But the people in the car were an unidentified driver and a passenger. On October 4 at 6:05 p.m, officers were called to the 3400 block of Paton Avenue where the body was found.

The corpse was taken to the Medical Examiner’s office and was identified as Osilalu on October 26. A full investigation has commenced.

In mid-October, a traumatized Singleton declared that it’s been extremely hard.

“He’s an excellent father. Hard worker, he’s a provider. We need him home”, WMAR-2 News, an ABC affiliate, quoted her as saying.

The wife confirmed Osilalu was a driver for a transportation company in Baltimore, Sedan Service.

Singleton disclosed that the deceased was giving someone a ride on the day he was last seen.

“This isn’t like him at all. He will never go missing for this amount of time and not tell anyone”, she stressed.

Singleton gave birth to the couple’s first child in April 2021 and got married in May.

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