The founder, Living Faith Worldwide,Bishop David Oyedepo, said there are so many people in the body of Christ who are doing nothing and calling it faith.

Oyedepo, who spoke at the Mid-week Communion Service at Canaanland, Ogun State said some Christians in full-time ministry were idle as they refused to work.

In his words: “There are too many idle people in the body of Christ today. They call themselves full-time ministers but they are full-time players. Children are full-time players, the only ministry they have apart from when they are in school is to play.

“They are in a hurry to leave school so they can play. You find believers doing nothing and saying “I am believing God”. God is just there laughing.

“One young man in Liberia said he read from my little diary on diligence – “living without working is dying without knowing”. You are looking for a job in an Oil Company, okay but do the one that you see now first.”

Oyedepo said there was a time he taught in a primary school, saying he is now teaching the whole world from one spot.

He said: “This Global Minister (Bishop Oyedepo) has taught in primary school before by choice. No downtime for me. I am now teaching the entire world from one spot. Wake up. People just do very funny things. “I want a job in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs” go and start one since they don’t have vacancies and that is where you must work.

“For the next ten years, they don’t have a vacancy until you are not qualified for an interview anymore. People are just hiding under nonsense and they call it faith.

“Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith, Jesus said I must work. Where is your own faith coming from?”

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