Billionaire heiress Florence Otedola aka DJ Cuppy has apologised to her dad Femi Otedola for pranking him.

The disc jockey shared a video of the prank in her father’s office in his London mansion.

She is seen in the office pretending to assist her dad with work.

She stylishly bends and places a real-looking rat under his table.

Moving away from the table, Cuppy screams, pointing at the object under the table.

Her father immediately stood up and moved quickly away from the table.

But Cuppy laughed excitedly that her prank was successful.

The 59-year-old business mogul became pissed after he heard his daughter laughing and jumping excitedly.

Seeing her dad’s reaction, the “Gelato” singer made an apology post with the image of a smiling rat.

The post reads: “Please forgive me @femiotedola.”

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