By Oluwasegun Aina

It is interesting and inspiring seeing Hon. Ibrahim Kunle Olarewaju making his constituents proud with his brilliant representation on the floor of Green Chamber close to three years of his given mandate. In as much everyone has the right to contest with him in both the primary and general elections come 2023, the good people of Ido/Osi, Moba and Ilejemeje local government area making up Ekiti North federal constituency II must put these factors into consideration by returning Hon. Ibrahim Kunle Olarewaju for second term for continuation of his imppressive representation.

  1. Sincerity of Purpose:

Olarewaju’e sincerity of purpose is one best amongst his Colleagues and Contemporaries. Maybe because he’s a Muslim or any other factor attached to it. The fact is that Hon. Ibrahim Kunle Olarewaju is upfront in his dealings to people’s oriented development paving way for dividends of democracy.
This means one good term deserve another. With what he has done so far, more assured dividend of democracy is paramount for his people in the next political dispensation.

2: Accessibility

One thing which distinguished Olarewaju is accessibility. He picks calls, reply messages, attends to functional letters.

  1. Constituency Outreach

Why many Political office holder see position as opportunity to curry large share of stock and bulk of funds only to come home when there’s Election making them to burst of winning ways but that is not applicable to Olarewaju’s constant approaching spirit to his Constituents is interesting, it has been his culture to come home every month attending to request of his Constituents making them feel and proud of him being a promise keeper with outright Committment to the society.

  1. Uplightment in the Green Chamber

Second term member gets good position leading to Elevation for purposeful leadership. Being the current Vice Chairman House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture with numerous Achievements, be rest assured of position like Chairman of the Committe and many more with transfomational projects.

  1. Borderless Spirit

No doubt about it, Olarewaju is accessible to all with hope for Commoners development securing a great glands of people’s will.

As campaign starts officially as guided by INEC, members of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Ekiti North federal constituency II should not look back by voting Ibrahim Kunle Olarewaju in the coming primary election of the party that will lead to a floorless victory for him against opposition members come 2023 general elections.
One good term surely deserves another.

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