Prince Adewole Adebayo, a Presidential aspirant on the platform of Social Democratic Party, SDP, has said he has no business whawhatsoevern the Senate or the National Assembly

Prince Adebayo, in a recent interview, also talked down the idea of running for governor, noting that his ultimate is to become president.

According to the 50-year-old, the powers of lawmakers and governors are restricted.

The renowned legal practitioner, however, said the executive powers of the federation are vested in one man and that man is the president.

“I have been offered appointments many times in the past. I know there is a place called the Senate, but I don’t have any business there, because the problem of society is that of leadership,” he said.

“The executive powers of the federation are vested in one man and that man is the president. I have waited all my adult life, looking for one president that I can serve. Since 1999, I am yet to meet a president who is traveling in the direction I want the country to go”.

When asked about the path he intends to take the country, the Social Democratic Party’s presidential hope said, “the direction of justice”.

He added, “This country has, unfortunately, been deformed to accommodate injustice. In the beginning, the leaders of this country, in the First Republic, knew the importance of justice. It meant that they understood that public office is a trust and that nothing inside it belonged to them. They knew that the only thing that could justify their being in government, exercising powers, was to use it to serve the people.

“They served the least privileged in society by establishing school systems that catered to the needs of those who had no opportunity. They were eradicating childhood diseases by immunising everyone. They lived close to the people and in modest manners as well.

“If I had been born at that time, perhaps I would have served under Chief Obafemi Awolowo as a minister, clerk or even just carrying his bag. I would have done so gladly because I would have known that he was a man who came to do justice.

“In politics, the leader that inspires me the most and whose work I follow is the late Mallam Aminu Kano. He lived with the people; he lived for the people and made sure that social justice was the centre point of his political life. He built infrastructure in the mind of the people that participation in governance is the number one duty and that everyone is entitled to it.

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