Prince Adewole Adebayo, a presidential aspirant on the platform of the Social Democratic Party(SDP), believes that the narrative of the ‘Nigerian Government being broke is a total hoax’.

Prince Adebayo believes that Public Officers use those lines to shy away from their responsibilities of delivering the dividends of good governance.

‘Have you ever seen any Public Officer who gets into office resign because there is no money in the treasury?’… Prince Adebayo asked.

The Presidential aspirant stressed that there is a need to vote in responsible people who have the interest of the masses at heart.

The Legal Practitioner and Media Entrepreneur believes that the current system where people use the treasury as a personal purse has to be scrapped for progressive thinking people to get into office.

He further added that there are two types of corrupt politicians in Nigeria; the ones who steal current money- these are the ones who plunder money that keeps getting into the treasury and the ones who steal future money- these ones towards the expiration of their tenure decide to get fat loans from banks and foreign sources only to plunder them leaving the country in debt.

This is the main reason upright and principled people have to be voted into office and he believes he ticks all those boxes.

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