Popular Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing, has admitted to being a lesbian.

Nkechi had, on Wednesday, ranted about Opeyemi Falegan, her ex-boyfriend, after he confirmed they had parted ways.

Reports claiming the controversial actress was “bisexual” had earlier made the rounds publicly with her estranged husband, who confirmed their split in an Instagram Live video, saying he didn’t want to taint his image by associating with Blessing who he alleged was lesbian.

“I don’t want to be known for any notoriety or anything controversial. I have a name, that name is my pride. I want to be known as someone who added value to people and who will keep doing the work for people,” he had said.

“I have a name that I am trying to protect here. Anything at all, husband of who? Where did you see the husband? I’m not the husband of a lesbian, put respect on my name.”

In reaction, Blessing took to her Instagram page to state on record that she has had female sexual partners.

The movie star, while beating her chest in rage, affirmed that she is a lesbian and is proud of it.

“I’m coming out with my full chest that I’m a lesbian, so what now happened? This life will end? If you say I’m a lesbian, yes with my full chest, I am. I f**k girls a lot if that’s what you want to hear,” she said.

She then showed her followers a bag containing the sex toys she uses to satisfy herself sexually. This was after she alleged that Falegan doesn’t last more than a few seconds.

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