The Chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum and Ekiti State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi has appealed to his supporters to be patient and wait till the Ramadan period is over as he would reveal his intention on running for any political position in 2023 after the spiritual season.

The governor disclosed this on Wednesday during his courtesy visit to Gombe State, at the Government House.

“I have taken a position on that, I have said that this is a very spiritual season to Nigerians, for us in the Christian faith, this is the period of Lent and for the people of Muslim faith this is also the period of Ramadan and it is very rarely you see the two come together. Now they have come together in our country, it is a period that requires sober reflections”.

“I don’t think this is a period for political declarations, at a time that people are really into themselves and are introspecting about how we can build a better country,” the governor added.

He asked journalists and other Nigerians to wait for his decision after the spiritual season, noting that the country is going through a lot of internal and external challenges.

“I think it will be disrespectful of all our faiths, both the Muslims and Christians to start playing politics at a time when our oil production as a country has gone down due to some deliberate attempt on the part of criminals to frustrate the national efforts to ensure that we maximize production”.

Fayemi explained that he was in Gombe on a consultation visit. “As chairman of the NGF, I always have to consult my governors from time to time on national development and national issues.”

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