The drama between popular Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing and her former husband, Opeyemi Falegan, may be far from over.

Recall that the couple recently called it quit over infidelity allegations and lack of decorum on the part of both of them.

In a series of posts shared via his Instagram Stories on Wednesday, Falegan highlighted the characteristics of his next girlfriend.

According to the Ekiti-born politician, his next partner will be well educated with a degree.

He wrote: “Anger of a dumped weed head, Pls if U are going to be my girl, pls make sure u have atleast university basic degree pls, atleast u can understand a bit about academics which would poise u for greatness and not social media notoriety.

“I have a degree in computer science, masters in business and presently on my doctorate now, pls atleast university degree is the minimum I can settle for, no more mistakes on my part pls.

“Ejoor no disrespect but can’t settle for again pls.”

In what felt like a reply, Sunday took to her Instagram Stories, where she slammed Falegan over his comments.

She wrote: “Even with all your degrees, you are still broke. I go employ and pay you salary for 10 years nonstop, bro.

“Bunmi wey get all the degrees wey you marry what happened? You need to come learn how to throw shade from me Opeyemi.

“You have absolutely nothing on me, church rat.”

According to Sunday, despite all the degrees Opeyemi’s last wife had, the marriage didn’t last.

She also accused him of trying to spend all her money like he did to a certain Yinka in London.

The actress gave reasons why they decided to call it quit.

According to Sunday, her estranged hubby wanted to use her popularity for selfish reasons.

She explained that he became notorious for always begging for financial assistance to fund his foundation, a move that didn’t sit well with the actress.

She also revealed that Falegan was a jobless man who would stay at home for months without doing anything.

On Falegan’s part, he said the reasons Sunday decided to be with him were for sex and money.

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