The misleading story with the above headline published by Sahara Reporters, is nothing but another proof that the news medium has slid into the abyss of irresponsible journalism.

How else can one explain a news organisation’s insatiable penchant for falsehood and infantile narratives fit only for the garbage bin.

Characteristic of a typical report by Sahara Reporters, the news medium struggled throughout the report to assemble its layers of lies without success.

There would have been no need to correct the wrong impression Sahara Reporters was out to create, but for the simple fact that the unsuspecting members of the public might be hoodwinked by the lies and misinformation contained in the report.

Needless to say that Governor Kayode Fayemi, renowned for his democratic credentials, has always been an advocate of good governance and independent media. As a critical stakeholder in the Nigeria Project, Governor Fayemi remains irrevocably committed to due process and would not, for any reason whatsoever, cut corners in the course of serving the people.

Dr Fayemi has a rich history of defending democracy and the rule of law. He is also renowned for his courage at challenging obnoxious policies. But to allege that he bribed INEC officials to re-order the timetable for the State and National Assembly primary elections in Ekiti and Osun States, as published by Sahara Reporters, is taking irresponsible journalism to another level. Nothing can be farther from the truth than this mischievous fabrication.

The Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) remains the main umpire in the country’s electoral activities and its directives on electoral matters remain binding.

The Editors of Sahara Reporters are urged to always ensure they get their facts right and avoid misinformation and cheap blackmail, which are fast becoming their trademark.

Yinka Oyebode
Chief Press Secretary to the Governor

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