By ADL Brand

BAO is a good sell for Ekiti APC. He is the only candidate that the people can vote for without any iota of regret in the nearest future.

BAO is a young, brilliant, vibrant, visionary, experienced, and highly upward mobile individual. He’s the right link between the old and the new brigade of leaders that can make the expected change possible amongst the long list of candidates for the forthcoming guber election.

His record of service to his fatherland is clear, straightforward, and unambiguous. He is kind-hearted, generous, and accessible. He is a product of the Ekiti environment who understands where the shoe pinches everyone.

BAO will leverage the experience of the past in line with the present to address the major issues of the future. No doubt, his highly successful career of excellence both in the private and public sectors will definitely bring forth desired results in all sectors of our economy, especially in agriculture.

I have taken a peep into his document of prosperity or call it his manifesto, for the development of Ekiti State. The youths shall have a strong says in his government. No doubt, it’s a well articulate win-win package for everyone.

Again, the present government of Dr. Kayode Fayemi has planted and established an enduring legacy of hope and prosperity that must be sustained. We need to continue with that momentum and progress even as BAO will add more creative impetus to governance at all levels if elected the governor.

Ekiti cannot afford to go back to witnessing another era of neglect and servitude in the hands of the old and desperate politicians. Let no one deceive you, the present situation in our country which has also been reflected in our state economy goes beyond a boastful and archaic politician who has chosen the wrong mantra of O’toge as a political slogan. This was a man who couldn’t complete or commission a single project in almost four years of his tenure in office. What catastrophic amnesia is that?

No doubt, I have seen a promise of a great and better day ahead for the Ekiti civil servants, teachers, pensioners, and artisans. It’s no doubt a big win for everyone in the coming years in the BAO’s legacy government.

Let me use this opportunity to appreciate everyone for your good wishes and congratulatory messages since my appointment as the Chairman of the Social Media Sub-Committee for the APC/BAO campaign organization.

I also like to appreciate and welcome those who have promised to work with my team just because they believe and are convinced that BAO will make a better governor after Dr. Kayode Fayemi.

We can do it. We can make it happen. We shall break the jinx of continuity in Ekiti State this time. Prosperity is ours.

God Bless you all

I am Adl

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