Ubi Frankin, on his official Instagram account, posted a video of a woman who cried out to Nigerians for help after discovering that her child was ‘raped’ during a school trip to Dubai, organised by Chrisland Schools.

Ubi franklin on his Twitter wrote: “Just got off the phone with a friend of mine. His 10 year daughter old was selected to represent the school at the World School Game in Dubai. His daughter was raped by her fellow student, video taped it and posted on Instagram and the school concealed it for a month.

“He found out on his own when another parent called his wife and showed his wife the video of her 10 year old daughter.”

The sex tape of the school’s students in sexual acts, which has gone viral, has generated different reactions. Some people blamed bad parenting, while others stereotyped. The parents who entrusted their kids to the school or the school?

We have people questioning her age because of how well formed and mature-looking she appears. However, some children are early developers. Because she is 10 or 11 years old with a matured body does not mean she is not a child. According to research, puberty begins at age 10, but anywhere between about 8 and 14 is considered within the typical range.

Parents entrusted their children to the school expecting them to be protected, Christland accepted the responsibility of monitoring and caring for these kids when they decided to go on that trip with 10 years old pupils. And obviously there wasn’t proper monitoring.

So the questions are? Where was their supervisor when it happened? How were they logged? Does light out really means light out without supervision?
Who recorded and posted the video? Why are 10 year olds playing ‘Truth or Dare’?

This is not the first time Chrisland School is making headlines for the wrong reasons. Recall in 2019, a judge sentenced Adenekan, aged 47, to 60 years’ imprisonment on a count charge of defiling a two-year and 11-month pupil of Chrisland School. (Vanguard)

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