By Gbenga Sodeinde 

When it comes to purposely and influential leadership, such germane qualities as humility, love, care, selflessness, listening ears and a personality that can be easily accessed by the people or followers are paramount.

These qualities are very important, because the people need someone who is approachable and accessible whenever they need help or his attention.

They need someone with listening ears, ever ready to hear them out, they need someone that really cares, they need a leader that is selfless and passionate about their welfare.

Ekiti people want an home grown who has lived with them, has fraternized with them, who has got the required experience and energy to handle enormous governance tasks. A man who can feel the people’s pains because he knows where the shoes pinches them by way of his own personal experience. 

The All Progressives Congress (APC) gubernatorial candidate, Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji, (BAO) is a man who naturally posesses the above listed leadership qualities. This is  because BAO is humility personified, he is cool headed, brilliant, caring, accessible, selfless and yet posesses intimidating track records of excellent service to Ekiti State. Above all,  he has demonstrated his pure and genuine love for Ekiti state in all several capacities he has served in past.

He is a man that relates easily with people across all groups within the party and he is a man that is greatly loved and generally  accepted by all and sundry, not only within his party but also by people outside his political party because of his selfless love for humanity, caring nature and generosity which  he has demonstrated to all irrespective of their class or status. . 

Because of his outstanding personality and superb leadership qualities, which singled him out as a tested, reliable and trusted leader, BAO is a sellable and marketable material for Ekiti 2022 guber election and he deserves to be voted for by the people overwhelmingly so that we can all enjoy the goodness in this wonderful man which God in His infinite mercies has sent him to spread to the world and particularly Ekiti people.

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