By Bakare Lukman

I have been asking myself what do the electorate want from their politicians. Is it deceitful governance or purposeful governance?

Senator Olubunmi Adetunmbi, the lawmaker representing Ekiti North Senatorial District is an uncommon politician with a different approach to governance and politics.

Unfortunately, his approach to governance does not go down with some people because they have been programmed to politics of deceit.

Senator Adetunmbi may not be our regular politician that will throw money around for cheap popularity. He may not be going around beer parlors to buy drinks for political gains. But ever since his return to the red chamber of the National Assembly, he has been genuinely attracting Infrastructure development to his Senatorial District without making noise which our politicians are known for.

Our people love politicians to be playing to the gallery, but Senator Adetunmbi will rather do what is needed of him efficiently without media attention.

I can confidently confirm that no lawmaker in the history of Ekiti state has attracted Infrastructure development as Senator Adetunmbi.

He touched all the Local Governments in his senatorial district with projects that some state governors will be happily publicized as their achievements.

Below are some of the projects Senator Adetunmbi sponsored and facilitated for his Senatorial district:


*Construction of 2 blocks of 12 Classrooms  at Irepodun Pilot School, Ikole – Ekiti.

*Construction of Orin Odo/Aponranyin, Ikole laterite based asphalt road.

*Construction of Lockup Shops at Ijesa Isu – Ekiti.

*Provision of Solar Borehole at Agbara Street, Ipao – Ekiti.

*Provision of  Hand pump borehole sunk at aba Ebira, along Ipao road.

*Provision of Hand borehole at Aba Igbira, Ita Gbangba.

*Provision of Solar Borehole at Imisi Street, Odo-Ayedun – Ekiti.


*Construction of laterite-based asphalt road project at Hospital road, Otun – Ekiti.

*Procurement and Installation of a transformer at Igogo-Ekiti.

* Provision of Solar Borehole at motor park area, Otun – Ekiti.

*Construction of Solar Borehole at Igogo – Ekiti

*Procurement and Installation of a transformer at Osan-Ekiti.

*Construction of road at Ile Eye-Aba Street, Otun – Ekiti.


*Construction of multimillion Naira Erosion control project besides Yem-Kem House, along Ayegbaju road, Oye – Ekiti.

*Construction of road and erosion control at Oye-Ekiti.

* Provision of Solar Borehole at Ogbonmeta Street, Ire – Ekiti.

*Provision of Solar Borehole at Ire junction, Ilupeju – Ekiti.

*Provision of Solar Borehole at Ayede – Ekiti.

*Provision of Hand pump Borehole at Igede, Ayede – Ekiti.

*Hand pump Borehole at Orisunmbare farm settlement via Itaji – Ekiti.


*Construction of asphalt-laid road at the market road, Iye – Ekiti.

*Construction of asphalt-laid road at Palace road, Iludun – Ekiti.

*Provision of Solar Borehole at Oke Iye, Iye – Ekiti.

*Construction of 3 Classrooms Blocks at St Mary Anglican Primary School, Ewu-Ekiti.

*Construction of 3 Classrooms Blocks at St Luke’s Primary School,  Ijesamodu-Ekiti.

*Construction of 3 Classrooms Blocks at St James Primary School Eda Oniyo-Ekiti.


*Construction of 6 Classrooms Blocks at the Anglican Primary School, Ifaki Ekiti.

*Provision of Solar Borehole at Osi – Ekiti.

*Construction of ICT Training Centre at Ifaki – Ekiti.

*Provision of Solar Borehole at Orin – Ekiti.

*Procurement and Installation of a transformer at Ifaki-Ekiti.

*Solar Borehole at Motor park area, Ayetoro – Ekiti.

*Construction of asphalt laid roads at Atiba/Ile-Oshodi/Anglican Church Roads, Ifaki – Ekiti.

*Construction of  Otapete/Aurin/Ilado/ Ikole Express rural road at Ifaki-Ekiti.

*Construction of Solar Borehole at Ilogbe street, Ifaki.

*Hand pump Borehole at Aba Ebira, Iworoko road, Ifaki – Ekiti.

*Construction of asphalt road at Iyedi street, Ido – Ekiti.


Senator Adetunmbi awarded bursaries to over 500 students in Ekiti North Senatorial District. Each student got Fifty Thousand Naira (N50,000.00) each.


Senator Olubunmi Adetunmbi trained over 200 unemployed graduates in Ekiti North Senatorial District on ICT and wig making at three centers- Ifaki-Ekiti, Ikole-Ekiti, and Otun-Ekiti.
At the end of their training, they were empowered with start-up kits.

The lawmaker also trained over 300 Artisans across Ekiti North Senatorial District. Money was also given to them to support their work.


*Senator Adetunmbi facilitated a Federal Government Covid-19 loan to 50 of his constituents to the tune of N20million.

*The lawmaker also facilitated
NDE Special Public Works for over 1000 beneficiaries in his district. Each beneficiary got N60,000 making a total sum of N66million.

  *N30,000 was given to Iyaloja/Iyalaje/Obirin Ilu in all communities in Ekiti North Senatorial District.

*N50,000 to the Female Chiefs in all communities in Ekiti North Senatorial District.

*Senator Adetunmbi always gave out millions of naira every month to his constituents expended on hospital bills, house rents, school fees, naming ceremonies, burial ceremonies, weddings, etc.

We should not forget that Senator Adetunmbi has worked only with the 2020 and 2021 budgets. The implementation of the 2022 budget will begin soon and several lives impacting projects that will cover the remaining communities that have not been captured will begin.

I don’t want to talk about his performance on the floor of the Senate. Because that has been reported many times. Even his sworn enemies always praised him for a job well done.

So, if it is about making a real impact on the electorates, Senator Adetunmbi has performed brilliantly. He is a silent achiever that has redefined good governance as seen in developed countries.

*Bakare Lukman writes from Ekiti state.


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