Popular Hip Hop Singer, Davido, has said a prayer for President Muhammadu Buhari after he congratulated his uncle and winner of the Osun governorship election, Ademola Adeleke.

Buhari had said that the results of the election reflected the will of Osun people.

He said, “The people of Osun have expressed their will through the ballot. This is what democracy is all about: respect for the will of the people. The successful conduct of #OsunDecides2022 is a demonstration of the maturity and the commitment of all stakeholders, towards strengthening the integrity of the electoral process in Nigeria.

“I remain fully committed to leaving behind a legacy of credible elections in Nigeria.”

Quoting the last line of the retired general’s tweet, Davido said, “You will leave a LASTING legacy! God bless you for this act alone sir!”

Credit: Twitter | davido

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