The challenges facing local airline operators worsened yesterday as aviation fuel price surged above N800 per litre.

In Lagos a litre went for N822; Abuja, N859; Port Harcourt, Rivers State N852; Yola, Adamawa State, N890 and Maiduguri, Borno State N892.

The product sold for between N580 and N600 per litre last month.

An industry player hinted to The Nation that the development might result in higher cost of tickets; delayed flights or outright cancellations.

The operator said “ This ( aviation price hike) will indeed affect our operations. The airlines cannot handle this cost on their own. This is just fuel, we’ve not talked of salaries and maintenance of the aircraft.

“If we get the product tomorrow, we will operate as scheduled but it is not that easy as someone has to pay for it. Therefore, they may be delayed fights or even outright cancellations.”

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