By Akin Rotimi’s Media Team

Development requires diligent planning, proactivity and careful estimation of the pros and cons.

Akin Rotimi, a homegrown politician, trained and furnished in the way of the Lord and in community service is gunning to represent the good people of Ikole/Oye Federal Constituency 1 at the green chamber in Abuja 2023.

Akin Rotimi is a pacesetter who through many initiatives and innovation has redefined community services. His Father, a very renown administrator and pan-Nigerian while alive was a different and distinguished individual loved by all and sundry. Through his NGO, he has lifted many lives, both young and old. It is rare to spend ones money and huge investment on people that cannot pay back without being in a political office, this is purely the heart of love and commitment to human development.

In the race to the green chamber, there is none with the track records of performance and human capital development as Akin Rotimi. You will notice by the numbers of people that flock around him, while many candidates only believe in use and dump, they cannot sustain any relationship beyond the usual superficial loyalty, when any point of disagreement occurs, they dump, relegate and look for your downfall Akin Rotimi is a class difference.

Akin Rotimi started offsetting medical bills of people around him, especially Ekiti State and his local areas for a long time.

Akin Rotimi’s love for development made him facilitated and constructed a world class boreholes at two strategic areas within his Constituency where portable, quality and healthy water had evaded them for years. At the opening of this very standard boreholes, the beneficiaries could not stop appreciating God, they had a cry of joy and prayed vehemently for the facilitator.

The fresh breathe is coming into Ikole/Oye Federal Constituency 1. It is good for something to be new. Newest world class ideas, topnotch experience garnered in private and public service, verifiable second address, and very steadfast commitment to doing things right beyond the status quo is what AR is bringing to bare. We have seen the length and breath of people that had represented our Constituency at one time or another, but because we do not join in pulling anyone down, we appreciate their little contribution, they have added their bricks and little efforts into the Ikole/Oye development, but if an individual had passed through a class, he should be promoted or advance to other class.

The 2023 election will be issue based, and a projection of a young, energetic and dynamic Akin Rotimi will be a beneficial deal for Ikole/Oye Youths, Women, Elders, traditional rulers and everyone. We have come with the mantra; No one is to be left behind. Igba yi, ayewa.

Akin is accepted, accessible and ready to trail the blaze, re-write quality representation and lead a fruitful and productive term as the Member representing the good people of Ikole/Oye Federal Constituency 1.

At the age of 41, the closeness, competence, character, capacity and care he has will be a defining difference.

Congratulations to the good people of Ikole/Oye, the Servant leader you have prayed for is here.

Akin Rotimi’s Media Team


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