Governor Biodun Oyebanji of Ekiti State has emphasized the importance of the State’s Internal Revenue Service intensifying its efforts in revenue generation.

All Nigeria Latest News reports that the governor urged the agency to expand the tax base responsibly, ensuring increased participation without causing undue hardship to the residents.

Governor Oyebanji conveyed this message on Monday in Ado-Ekiti during the Treasury Board Meeting organized by the state Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning for the 2023 budget. He emphasized the necessity of increased funds to support the government’s initiatives aimed at providing relief to the people of the state.

The governor pleaded with all revenue generating agencies to look inward and ensure that more money comes to the coffers of the state, adding that the budget was crafted in a manner that speaks to the state development plan.

Governor Oyebanji, reaffirming his dedication to enhancing workers’ welfare, encouraged all public servants to prioritize transparency and collaborate with the Board of Internal Revenue Service in leveraging technology for revenue generation in the state. He issued a stern warning, indicating a firm stance against any government department that declines to utilize the designated platform for revenue purposes.

The governor added that his administration would continue to try its best to ensure that workers are treated with decency, urging them to brace up and work hard to achieve the lofty agenda of the administration.

Governor Oyebanji pledged his full support to the Board of Internal Revenue Service, urging them to operate effectively and capitalize on available opportunities to enhance revenue generation for the state.

“We are not going to put pain on our people but there are lots of opportunities that you can harness to increase the IGR. I need your cooperation, I need your help. I can only do what I promised you if I have money. I can be well-intentioned but when I don’t have resources what can I do.

“I’m committed to improved welfare for workers, I’m sure you got your salaries and I must commend the Accountant General’s office for ensuring that happened. she has given me another promise and I’m sure that one will happen today.

Governor Oyebanji said further that his administration would not subscribe to increase in subvention to tertiary institutions until all stakeholders hold a conference to chart a way forward.

“Subvention will not increase until all stakeholders sit down and agree on the way forward, once we do that, government will do its own bit, management will do its own as well as students and union, until we get to that junction, no increase. The truth of the matter is that at a point, subvention will stop, I’m not saying it is going to stop now but we must prepare our minds that a time will come that state will not be able to give subvention to institutions.

“Management should start preparing for that, it is a hard fact. What we are paying now we will continue to pay until we agree on a roadmap to ensure that we have a world class institutions. He said.

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