The six House of Representatives members and three Senators from Ekiti State have reaffirmed their commitment to the rapid development of the state. They also pledged their unwavering support for Governor Biodun Oyebanji’s administration.

During a courtesy visit to the Governor in Ado-Ekiti, Senator Opeyemi Bamidele, representing Ekiti Central Senatorial District, and Senator Olubunmi Adetunmbi, representing Ekiti North, spoke on behalf of the Parliamentarians. They assured Governor Oyebanji that the legislators would use their individual and collective connections to secure all necessary attention from federal and international development agencies for the state.

The Senators mentioned that their visit to Ado-Ekiti was an official commiseration with Governor Oyebanji on the passing of Speaker Funminiyi Afuye and to provide the Governor with feedback on the assignments he had given them.

The federal lawmakers called on Ekiti people within and outside the state to join hands with the Governor to move the state forward, describing Oyebanji as a proactive leader who leads by example.

The Senators who said they were also in town to take up fresh assignment from the governor in line with their commitment to Governor Oyebanji’s transformative moves to ensure the welfare of Ekiti people.

“I am in Company of my senior brother, distinguished Senator Olubunmi Adetumbi and we are here to further consult on what His Excellency started three weeks ago when he met with the entire National Assembly caucus comprising three Senators and six House of Representatives members and he gave us various assignments as to how we could join hands with the state government to pull all the human and financial resources available at the centre to Ekiti.

“We know that it is something that means so much to the Governor and he’s taking it very seriously and after he held this meeting with us, he had been in Abuja twice to follow up at different MDAs and so for us this is something that means so much to him and he is leading by example in that regards. We could not but key into this aspiration and vision and part of what we are able to do today is to review and see where we stand and give him report of some of the assignments he gave us and take fresh assignments as we go back to Abuja so that we can easily liaise with our colleagues to know that the good works continues, Senator Bamidele said.

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