Barrister Bamidele Agbede, the Head of Service in Ekiti State, commended the state civil service, praising its productivity, proactive approach, and unwavering commitment to duty. He asserted that these commendable qualities have positioned it as the best in the country.

On Friday, the Head of Service affirmed these sentiments while evaluating the results of the three-day Ministerial briefing led by Governor Biodun Oyebanji.

Barrister Agbede expressed confidence that with proper incentives, the state civil servants have the potential to excel in any assigned task.

Highlighting the capability of the Ekiti Civil Service, he emphasized its potential for improvement and announced that the government is set to digitize all operations of the service for enhanced efficiency.

The Head of Service explained that the three-day briefing is a routine government process, allowing a new Governor to grasp the functions, achievements, and challenges of all Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs). This information equips the Governor with the necessary insights to effectively manage the affairs of the state.

“I can describe Ekiti civil service as the best in the Southwest and invariably in the country. They are very productive set of people, educated and they know their onions. Given the best impetus to work, they will excel in whatever they do, I’m satisfied with their level of performance and productivity.

“Customarily, when a Governor takes over, the first thing he does is to meet with all accounting officers, go round all establishments and come back to have an interactive session with them whereby every head of department will give a detailed brief of the activities of their MDAs.

“You know we stated during the briefings that emphasis will now be on digitalization of the operations of the civil service. Once our operations are digitalized this idea of carrying files and doing things in analogue ways will come to an end pretty soon.

“Most of the records we have in Establishment office, loans board are already being digitalized.

“I can assure you that with the little time that I have left, almost all our operations would have been captured digitally so that we can have a civil service we can be proud of.” Agbede said.

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