A stampede at the Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti State, resulted in at least four students falling unconscious.

The unfortunate incident occurred on Saturday during the GST 204 examination at the ICT Centre on the university campus, near UBA Bank.

As per the timetable, more than 4000 students were scheduled to take a one-hour examination between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm, with brief intervals, in a center that could not accommodate up to 400 students at once.

Eyewitnesses reported that students fainted while attempting to enter the examination hall due to the challenging conditions surrounding the entrance.

The university spokesperson, Foluso Ogunmodede, when contacted by All Nigeria Latest News, refuted the news, denying the occurrence of the reported incident.

He said: “This is not true, we have no record of such. There was no reason for stampede. Our hospital is very close to the lecture theatre. It only existed in the imagination of some people.

The university’s medical director, Lanre Olawale, also discredited the news, denying the reported incident.

“Some of these students don’t eat before exams,they don’t sleep at night and they may be asthmatic,” he said.

Jesugbemi Adegbite, a 200L student said: “When students started fainting, I felt very bad and bothered because I believe this is something the school should have done something about since it wasn’t the first time.

“The school or those in charge of fixing the timetable should stop putting all faculties’ general papers on the same day and the same time. The numbers of the students who were supposed to write exams that day were just too much.

“The school should make provision for more computer systems. The number of students keep increasing yearly but the facilities are not there. If care is not taken, next year will be worse’’.

Another student, Chukuma Iyobebe, a student of Finance, said there was the need to create a good environment for learning and examinations.

He said: “The school should build a mast in school premises, construct and erect another ICT building, accommodating about 5,000 or above.”

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