Governor Biodun OyebanjiGovernor Biodun Oyebanji

All Nigeria Latest News reports that Governor Biodun Oyebanji of Ekiti State has called on the electorate to abide by the law during Saturday’s Presidential and National Assembly Elections.

In a state-wide broadcast on Wednesday night, Governor Oyebanji urged Ekiti residents to vote for the APC presidential candidate, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu, for enhanced economic and infrastructure development in the state.

The governor expressed his strong support for a Tinubu presidency, stating that it would empower his administration to continue its people-centered development agenda.

Governor Oyebanji stressed the fact that the presidential candidate of the APC understands the “development challenges” and the State’s “aspiration for increased revenue and economic prosperity”.

The governor urged the voters to consider the overriding Ekiti interest; adding that the election is not “an emotional gamble game” but an investment for the State.

“While many people have commended us for our modest achievements since we came on board, for us, whatever we have done is just a tip of the iceberg. One of the ways you can support us to do more is to empower us further. A major way to empower us is to vote massively for the presidential candidate of our party, the APC. He knows our situation, he understands our unique development challenges and shares our aspirations for increased revenue and economic prosperity”.

”There is no doubt that a vote for Asiwaju Tinubu and all our candidates for the National Assembly election will serve out short and long term strategic development goals as a State. So as you make your choice on Saturday, kindly consider the overriding Ekiti interest. This election should not be an emotional gamble game; it should be a calculated political investment plan for us as a people. It should be a fraternal solidarity vote”, the Governor admonished.

Oyebanji equally appealed to the political class to pursue their ambitions and interests peacefully, noting that the peace of Ekiti State is not negotiable.

While calling on traditional and religious leaders to use their influence to prevent youths from engaging in activities that may have negative impacts on the election, the governor called on security agencies not to shirk their responsibilities during the election.

He also called on INEC to ensure fair play, transparency and professionalism during the election process.

While empathising with the people on the hardship caused by the cash crunch pervading the country, Oyebanji bemoaned the excruciating sufferings which citizens go through in order to access their hard earned money.

The Governor said this is why Ekiti decided to join other APC-controlled States to challenge the decision of the Central Bank of Nigeria on the exchange of old Naira notes at the Supreme Court.

Oyebanji added that this step would prevent citizens from losing their money to the policy which has cash inaccessible to them.

The governor also appealed to Ekiti residents to avoid any provocation to violence; stating that some fifth columnists intend to exploit that opportunity to cause chaos that may lead to the postponement of the election.

“We will do everything to ensure that you do not lose your money and that the current policy that hoards cash and makes it inaccessible does not hurt you further. I therefore want to appeal to you all to avoid any provocation or incitement to violence. We have it on good authority that some fifth columnists want to cash in on this widespread depressive moment to cause chaos in fulfilment of a grand plan to force the postponement of the election. We should do everything possible to maintain peace even as we explore legal and peaceful way to end the current agony”, Oyebanji said.

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