All Nigeria Latest News reports that the Social Democratic Party’s (SDP) presidential candidate, Adewole Adebayo, expressed his satisfaction at having the opportunity to cast his vote in the February 25 presidential elections.

Prince Adebayo, speaking at his polling unit 019, Ward 10 at Longtennis Barracks Road, Ondo State, commended the technology put in place by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), emphasizing that with collective efforts, Nigeria’s institutions can function effectively.

“So I enjoyed my right of participation today as a citizen and I’m proud that it worked very well it means that our institutions can work if we set our mind on it”.

“Well the process is objectively smooth. INEC has performed; in terms of equipment, it worked. It took just a few seconds to identify me and they also went to the manual, my name and my wife’s name was also on the paper. I also noticed that no one had a missing name”.

Prince Adebayo highlighted the positive aspects of the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) for enhancing the electoral system. However, he emphasized the crucial importance of fostering increased honesty among institutions, political parties, and citizens for overall improvement.

“Anything would improve the electoral system, even giving the electoral officer a better pen will improve the electoral system. But the most important thing that will improve it is increasing the level of honesty.

“You know this beaver itself was brought out of suspicion of one another and the key is for every person in Nigeria to understand that honesty is the best policy, so even without BVAS we can conduct free fair and credible elections if the officials are honest, if the participants like me are honest, if the political parties are honest, if the citizens themselves are honest”.

The SDP presidential candidate said he wants to win but not with acts of dishonesty, lying and deception.
“I want to win but I want to win honestly and any act of dishonesty cheating lying and deception I’m not involved in it and if everybody makes that commitment, I think the country will be great”.

Prince Adebayo was accompanied by his wife, Queen Lilian Adebayo who also casted her vote.

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