Namix Wears, a modest fashion brand for female Muslims in Nigeria has launched a new product called ‘Sinul-Albulugh’ Puberty Box specially designed for the girl child.

‘Sinul-Albulugh’ is an innovative puberty box that contains Jilbab or Abaya, Period tracker Jotter, Underwears, Sanitary towel, Wipes, Musk toharoh, Socks, Rollon deodorant, Powder, Lipgloss, Purse, Jewelry, Citadel of believer, Dear Damsel Book, Prayer Mat, etc.

The CEO of Namix Wears, Aminat Oyindamola Mohammed-Lawal while speaking on the launch, said that the initiative is to support young girls going into puberty and also to aid their parents to reconnect, reassure and restrengthen the bond between them and their daughters.

Sinu-Albulugh Box

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She said “Puberty is a necessary stage in a girl’s life that comes with physical, mental, and psychological changes.

“Coming up with Sinu-Albulugh Box, parents, guardians, and young Muslims are mostly considered. So, it is created to aid them to navigate through this stage without fear.

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“To aid them to get the right orientation in order not to lose their daughters to the society with cheap treats. We all know how corrupt society is and we are much more aware of the effects of exposing our young Muslimah to this environment without proper guidance and information.

“Parents are their children’s first teachers. So, it is required of them to make their daughters believe what they tell them about puberty. These children are expected to have trusted their parents even before they attain puberty.

“This initiative is to assure that there is no disconnection between the parents and their daughters.”

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The box reviewer, Latifah Adewumi Jumah; popularly known as Laj Fingers emphasized the importance of why every parent needs to get the puberty box for their child.

Saheedat Tobiloba Adetayo, the founder of Pad A Queen Initiative who is also the guest speaker at the event, lauded the innovative ideas of Namix Wears.

She said there is a need of equipping Muslim girls with the right knowledge and gifts they need for a smooth puberty ride.

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The Guest lecturer, Ustadh Sanusi Lafiagi spoke on the significance of raising a girl child in Islam. He advised parents to take good care of their girl child because it will count as a charity in the sight of Allah.

The father of the day, Engr. Abdulwaheed F. Mohammed congratulates Namix Wears for the initiative and the positive impact the puberty box will have on Muslim girls in the country.

The Chief Launcher at the event, Engr. Yemi Mustapha advised Muslim parents to get Sinu-Albulugh Box for their girls. He calls on philanthropists to donate the box to schools and orphanage homes across the country.

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