For delivering exceedingly well in his electioneering promises to the people, the legislative arm of Ajoni Local Council Development Area of Ekiti State, has passed a vote of confidence in the Chairman, Hon, Prince Michael Ogungbemi.

The legislators described the council boss as a visionary leader with exceptional quest for performance and delivery of democracy dividends to the people, as exemplified in the superlative leadership he had offered to the people in the last one year.

The lawmakers said this in a statement issued at Ayedun Ekiti, headquarters of the LCDA, on Thursday, after copious appraisal of the Ogungbemi-led administration in the council.

The statement, containing the confidence vote , was signed by Hons Omoniyi Michael Owolabi,
Majority Leader(Councillor Ward 8),
Hon Ayodeji Talabi(Councillor Ward 9), and Alaba Akinlade(Councillor Ward 10),

Others include; Hons David Olamide Aiyeyemi(Councillor Ward 12 and Jonathan Jide Ogungbuyi
Councillor Ward 11 and
Leader, Ajoni LCDA,
Ikole Local Government.

The legislators praised the council boss for his pragmatic and all-inclusive approach to governance, saying this has bolstered the level of development in the local government.

The statement said; “It is with deep sense of honour and responsibility that we have gathered here today to celebrate the Executive Chairman, Ajoni LCDA, Hon. Prince Michael Ogungbemi and his Management Team.

“We, the Councillors representing the five political Wards making up Ajoni LCDA in the Legislative Arm of Ikole Local Government Area, have watched with keen interest and admiration the audacious accomplishments and effective developmental administration being piloted by the Executive Chairman.

“It is in public domain that since you were sworn in as the first democratically elected Chairman of Ajoni LCDA on the 4th of January, 2022, your administration has been driven by passion, creativity and innovation to enhance human capital development and establish landmark projects and enduring legacies in Ajoni LCDA.

“Your innovative partnerships with several International Non-Governmental Organisations and Government Agencies such as :
LDS Charity, Build A School Initiative in Africa (BASIA), Interweaves Solution, Family Search International (FSI), Bountiful Children’s Foundation (BCF), Fluid Management Services (FMS), National Centre for Agricultural Mechanisation (NCAM), McGeorge Consulting, and Rural Water Sanitation Agency (RUWASA) has manifested in monumental impactful empowerment programmes and humongous legacy projects in Ajoni LCDA”.

Cataloguing the achievements of the Local Government boss, the lawmakers added that the vote of confidence was intended to motivate Hon, Prince Michael Ogungbemi to discharge his duties to the people selflessly and more zealously.

“Some of his footprints in the LCDA had manifested in the Construction of a block of four new standard and international classrooms in counterpart funding partnership with BASIA in Ayebode Ekiti and the installation of Solar Street Lights at Iyemero Ekiti, Ipao Ekiti, Itapaji Ekiti and Oke Ako Ekiti.

“Completion of Ajoni Central Modern Market of 50 Open Market Stalls and construction of 5 Lock – up Shops in Ayebode Ekiti.

“Training of Ajoni youths to enhance their capacity, skills development and gainful employment through survey research on African Oral history and Genealogy Project in collaboration with Family Search International.

“Empowerment of Cashew Farmers across Ajoni Communities with 1,000 stands of improved Cashew seedlings from McGeorge Consulting.

“Ajoni LCDA and Fluids Management Services (FMS) selected, accredited, trained and empowered Ajoni youths on best commercial agricultural farm practices. Selection and training of Women in vegetable farming and agric-business to produce Legumes, Cucumber, Carrots and the like at the FMS farm.

“Seven Ajoni Communities i.e Iyemero, Esun, Ipao, Oke Ako, Ijowa and Irele Ekiti benefitted the New Simple Solar Motorized Boreholes from the Federal Government through Federal Ministry of water resources and Ekiti State RUWASSA.

“Completion of the Renovation of 5 Lock – up Shops at Oke Ayedun Ekiti Market. Completion of the Renovation of 5 Lock – up Shops at Odo Ayedun Ekiti Market. Construction of 10 Open Market Stalls at Ijowa Ekiti. Construction of 10 Open Market Stalls at Irele Ekiti.

“Rehabilitation of Motorized Borehole at Esun Ekiti. Construction of culvert and line drains at Iyemero Ekiti Market. Provision of new generating sets to different military formations around Ajoni LCDA”.

They stated that Ogungbemi’s administration has worked strenuously to guarantee peace, safety and security of lives and properties of the entire citizens and residents of Ajoni LCDA and its territorial borders through the establishment of Ajoni Local Security Network code named “Operation EBBORAC” to Eradicate Bandits and kidnappers at the Borders.

“We, as a body of Legislators in Ikole Local Government Area, representing our people from Ajoni Local Council Development Area, are bold to say that you and your team have done incredibly well to deserve the avalanche of awards and accolades you have received in the last one year and two months of your administration.

“Therefore, we have unanimously decided to pass a VOTE OF CONFIDENCE in you and your team.

“We believe that this Vote of Confidence will spur you and your team to strive harder to continue to deliver greater good to the greater number of people in Ajoni LCDA.
Also, we hereby pledge our support and continued loyalty to you and the success of your administration now and beyond 2023″.

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