The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has disclosed the detailed results breakdown for the national assembly elections conducted on Saturday, February 25.

All Nigeria Latest News reports that INEC has announced winners for 423 national assembly seats, with supplementary elections scheduled for 46 constituencies to determine the outcomes.

According to Yakubu Mahmood, the Chairman of INEC, 98 out of 109 Senate seats and 325 out of 360 House of Representatives seats have been officially declared.

In the Senate, the All Progressives Congress (APC) gets 57 seats, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) secures 28, and the Labour Party (LP) holds six seats.

APC also dominates the house of representatives with 162 seats, the major opposition party PDP has 102 and LP controls 34.

Yakubu also addressed the logistics and technical issues that marred the presidential and national assembly elections.

He said: “Do doubt, last week’s national elections raised a number of issues that require immediate, medium, and long-term solutions. The planning for the election was painstakingly done. However, its implementation came with challenges, some of them unforeseen. The issues of logistics, election technology, behaviour of some election personnel at different levels, attitude of some party agents and supporters added to the extremely challenging environment in which elections are usually held in Nigeria.

“We appreciate the sacrifice and doggedness of Nigerians and the dignity and maturity displayed by political leaders even in the context of divergent views about the election. A lot of lessons have been learnt. Of immediate concern to the Commission is how the identified challenges can be addressed as we approach the concluding phase of the General Election involving the largest number of constituencies i.e. 28 State Governorship elections and 993 State Houses of Assembly seats.

“In last Saturday’s elections, winners have also been declared for 423 national legislative seats while supplementary elections will be held in 46 constituencies. In the Senate, 98 out of 109 seats have been declared. So far, seven political parties have won senatorial seats while in the House of Representatives, 325 out of 360 seats have been won by eight political parties.”

Mahmood described the 10th assembly as the most diverse national assembly since 1999.

Certificates of return for senators-elect will be conferred on Tuesday at the national collation centre in Abuja, and members of the House of Representatives-elect are scheduled to receive theirs on Wednesday, as announced by Yakubu Mahmood, the INEC Chairperson.

Yakubu Mahmood, the INEC Chair, mentioned that the complete list of all members-elect will be uploaded to the commission’s website shortly.

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