Veteran Nollywood actor Ojo Arowosafe, aka Fadeyi Oloro is dead after years of battling terminal disease.

Fasunwon Oluwafunke, the actor’s daughter confirmed the news of his death on Tuesday.

Also, actor and comedian, Bayegun Oluwatoyin, known by the stage name, Woli Arole, also confirmed Fadeyi Oloro’s death on his Instagram page.

He said he was so happy he reached out to him and that he was happy he played his part through supporting him.

“So happy I reached out to you sir, so happy we played our part, so happy we laughed together, so happy we were able to show our support. Rest in Peace the Legend ‘Fadeyi Oloro’.

“Let’s check up on people when dey (they) are alive, Let’s show love when people can feel. Let’s help when it can be seen,” he said.

The actor was born on the 15th of September, 1957, in Igbara Odo, Ekiti State, Nigeria. Fadeyi Oloro was a household name among Yoruba film lovers for antagonistic roles in movies accompanied by his seamless recitation of chants and incantations.

The veteran actor attended St Paul Catholic School, Ekiti State, for his elementary education before proceeding to Timmy Agbale Grammar School for his secondary education.

The renowned movie antagonist started his career in Nollywood in 1985.

He rose to prominence in the 1980s for his role in “Arelu,” a Popular Nigerian Television Series. Arelu gained enormous reception from Yoruba movie lovers, and Fadeyi’s role was vital. His role in this series shot him into the limelight, and he became highly rated for his acting talent.

Later, Fadeyi features in “Yanponyanrin,” another blockbuster project with massive reception from Yoruba film lovers.

His role in a movie is so unique that his stage name, “fadeyi Oloro”, is used to refer to a wicked person in real life.

The veteran actor has been featured in more than 100 movies. Some of which include: Jelili, Inubibi, Akoni Méfà, Anike olufa, Arelu and Fopomoyo.

He was diagnosed of kidney-related ailment which he had been battling before his death.

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